Friday, April 30, 2010

Im not a small boy anymore

Ammaaa, he called out in his usual musical tone, and came to me . Seeing that I am in the midst of something he lied down on the sofa next to me with his head high on the hand rest, his legs crossed above one another. Mmm a quite seriouse scene. I was curious to know what is that all about. I didn’t have to wait. There came the second Amma…. Note. I said Yes??? You see…. I don’t like the cycles having balancing wheel. . Yeah? But why? Amma , its for small children. Not for big first standard boys like me. Thank God acha removed my balance wheel long before. You cannot even ride fast with those extra wheels on. Its so funny no Amma ? to see children riding cycles with balance wheel??

I was startled for a while, I sat there with my jaws dropped. Is this the same boy who made sky and earth one to make his bend balance wheel straight so that he can ride comfortably , just a few months ago? Is this the same boy who always had the suffix “Im a small boy no?” God….. suddenly, as he got promotion to usual school uniform like his brother, from the colourful dresses of Kindergarten, he has ”Grown Up” overnight to a biiig first standard boy.

After a pause I agreed, yeah, I think you are right. You are not a small boy anymore. You are Jacob George Dominic . Std-I-J

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  1. Wow!
    So sweet... big KID!...
    so soon.. he will tell you.. "Amma isnt it so funny that a big boy is still riding a cycle?"... prepare yourself.. never miss those bike ads....time is flying!..