Friday, April 30, 2010

My first bundle of joy

Wow! Amma you are so coool! You are a great artist! Cried out my seven yrs old boy from the dining table. What have I done now??? I was busy turning the next banana dosa which I was making for their dinner. I didn’t have to strain my brain too much; there he came beaming with the dosa which I had just tossed into his plate. What? Whats that now?? Amma see this, this is the exact way my art sir taught me to do shading. See this dosa, here towards this end, it is light, then see its little dark, then more dark. Wow you are an artist.

“Okay now go back to table and finish your dinner and be ready for rossary.” I said neutrally and pretended that Im busy in the kitchen. But I couldn’t stop thinking… this is the specialty and innocence of childhood. For them everything is important. They see things we elders never see. They find happiness in everything which may seem silly for the elders.

My little boy, he never misses a chance to praise any one if he genuinely feels that they have done something really wonderful according to his measuring scale. Always there is a bright smile on his face and he says when asked about this, its because my name is Isaac-“ the one who smiles”. Yes dear you are my bundle of joy. You always bring smile on my face, even when I am low & down.
I am lucky to have a son like you; who sometimes acts as my mother, grandfather and the next moment turns into my whining little boy who wants amma to play “Peekachoo” with him. Thank you almighty lord for this wonderful blessing


  1. Chooo chweeet.. Isaac...
    As i was reading.. I became an Isaac - yes! I am still smiling...!

  2. Thank you Nisha for the kind words & for supporting me in my first attempt. Your anamangad is too good.