Monday, May 3, 2010

How much do you love me?

Bedtime is the time for rewinding the happenings of the day. What this boy did what that boy said , how Achu’s team made two goals in the last moment during PE, how he put “sudden break” while skating and still managed to keep the balance, how sad he felt when the teacher scolded him for another boys mistake, what music the driver played in the car,…blah blah blah they keep talking until the eyelids are too heavy and my poor self has no other option but to listen patiently. I sort of enjoy this bedtime ritual as they vent out each and every good and bad things of the day. Sometimes I have to cheer them, sometimes console and encourage them.

As the stories flowed one after another, there came a question from my right side.”Amma, how much do you love me? “ How much do you think I love you? Was the answer. Mmmm ..let me think.. Thousand much?? no no .. yesterday you told me that 1000 is not the biggest number, so you love me till infinity , no Amma? Yes I know Amma. “Okay if you feel so , may be”.

Then a feeble voice from my left side. “You only love chettan? how much do you love me”? “to the size of a mustard seed.” Mustard?? The small black round things which I don’t like to see in my food? “Yeah”.

After a looong pause, a very painful voice was heard again,” why amma, why you love me only to the size of mustard seed”? “Then?? How much am I supposed to love you"? You should love me to the size of my blue cycle no??? I couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

Ps: I will share the story of this cycle another day. He is very possessive about it, and loves it more than anything.

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  1. HA HA HA... edi... nee eee kadukumani iniyum vittittille? Paavam kutti!