Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tribute to a special mother

Mothers day is here again. I even got a mothers day card specially made for me with the caption “ HAPPY MOTES DAY, I LOVE AMMA” . Beneath the caption, there stands a girl( coz she is wearing a frock) with both her arms stretched out and wearing a biiiig smile. Mothers day is for fathers too in my opinion, as there cannot be a mother without a father. So it’s a special day for the parents.

If any child happens to say at any point in his/her life, that I want to live a life just like the one my parents lived, that is the greatest achievement of those parents. And I have such a couple in my life. Of course they are now sitting together in a photo frame in our sitting room smiling at us and for sure are watching over us from the world of angels. They are my in laws. And the precious gift they left for me in this world, their son, always tells me only one thing. “I just wish and pray that we would be able to live a life as that of my parents”.

I have never seen my FIL and have spent only a handful of days with my MIL. But I have heard and for that matter seen during those handful of days, how passionately they loved each other. I have seen her eyes shining brightly, whenever she talked about her dear husband, who went ahead of her to the world of angels, leaving 12 children of various ages , behind.

Her life was thereafter dedicated to her children. They all got settled in their lives in various parts of the country. Her only condition was that all of them should join together every year at the family house on the death anniversary of their father, which the children religiously followed all these years. Now that she joined her husband in the same grave, there is one more day for family union.

She was the invisible thread which knitted together all the members into a strong bond. Every other week if anyone fails to call her, I have heard her asking the grandchildren, connect me to B.. it’s a long time since I heard from him or “ Mmm think J.. is busy this weekend with any of his cases, otherwise not a single weekend would pass without him dropping in to see me and have lunch with me. Call and see how K,s children are doing… thus goes the long list. Every one was special for her. She was not highly educated, but she new very well how to carry herself gracefully among any group. She always wore the traditional dress of Christian women (Chatta Mundu) but always encouraged her girls and DIL’s to wear modern dress. She had a very generous heart to help any needy ones around. She was bubbly to giggle and share jokes with her grandchildren. She would even understand the language of her cows.

More over, I have before my eyes, a very vivid and colourful picture painted by the words of their son ,of the successful life they lived as loving and caring parents for each child ,at the same time loving each other deeply and passionately. Their success as parents is evident form this very same photo which I mentioned above , adorning all the 12 happy homes of their children in prominent places. They lived a fruitful life , leaving behind 12 siblings who are always there for one another, on any stormy day in the life of any of them.

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