Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pangs and Pranks of Annakkutty - .....And the waiting is over

Annakkutty is a small girl, lonely, slender, dark complexioned, with long lustrous black hair, and a pair of lovely black curious eyes. This is my journey with Annakkutty holding her hands tightly ,along the old muddy paths of the village. This is an attempt to give company to that lonely girl, uproot her deep rooted pains, unfold her pranks and to assist her to forgive the ones who wronged her.

---And the waiting is Over--------

Annakkutty has butterflies in her stomach today. Her mother is coming tomorrow. Father has already left for the town to pick her from the airport.Annakkutty couldn’t sleep. Since when she had been waiting for this day.She knew that she too had a mother just like her cousins.How many times she had secretly watched both of her cousins sleeping by the side of their mother, hugging her tightly.How many times she wished her mother would come and save her from the cruel punishments of grandmother, most of the time, not for her mistake. “You are elder to both of them. So if they do something wrong, you will get punishment” was the justification. ‘ELDER???? Born before 6 months make you ELDER??? That too only for punishments??? She never could understand the logic, but however, there is no other way as she doesn’t have a mother to save her or to talk for her.

“They might reach only by evening” she heard someone telling grandma in the morning. “Okay, let me go to the field and have fun” off she went wandering around, watching the birds, whistling merrily and plucking some wild flowers, stopping for a while near the small pond watching the fishes moving around happily, all these time wondering how it will be like to be with her mother??? Nobody cares where she is , so there are no hindrances; wander as much as you want, Climb up the Champa Tree(Water Rose Apples) and keep eating all those sweet and sour pink fruits and skip all the meals, nobody notices. Well how can she forget to check for any ripe tamarinds under the big tamarind tree,…. no way, Oops its evening already.

She ran towards the home, slipped in very carefully, and there sits a fat and fair lady with her back towards Annakkutty. Her shining hair tied up in a neat knot and cladded in a colourful saree. Thump thump went Annakkutty’s heart. Slowly she tiptoed towards the lady, and at lightning speed touched her from behind and tried to runaway . But Mother turned quickly and locked her in a bear hug, her eyes pouring out. Why she is crying? Annakkutty wondered, and she felt like crying too. It was nice and cozy to be in the arms of her mother.This was what she wanted through all those lonely years.

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